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Are you looking for professional unfair dismissal advice in Middlesbrough? At Askews Solicitors, we can help you through a stressful time and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome when it comes to dealing with unfair dismissal. 

Unfair dismissal refers to when your employment contract is terminated but your employer didn’t have any reason to do so. Alternatively, it can also include if your employer has had a valid reason to end your employment contact but has used the wrong procedure. 

To be eligible to claim against unfair dismissal, you typically must have been employed for at least 2 years before you can make a claim. However, this isn’t always the case and there are some exceptions. 

Normally, the compensation you could receive is limited to a maximum of a year’s pay but there could also potentially be more involved depending on your case.

Employment law can be confusing, with a lot of legal jargon. That’s why it is important to have a legal professional on your side who can explain the process carefully.

You need to demonstrate that you have been unfairly dismissed either through the incorrect procedure or that you have been treated differently. If your case goes to court, you can be confident that you have an experienced solicitor from Askews Solicitors that’s ready to represent you. 

There is no definite time scale however on unfair dismissal cases, it is just dependent on the type of claim but it is important to act quickly when getting advice on unfair dismissal and beginning the process as you only have 3 month less 1 day from when the event happened to bring it to an employment tribunal or raising it with an employer.

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Unfair Dismissal Middlesbrough