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If you encounter a problem at work and need to make a formal complaint or ‘grievance’, we can assist you to write it and make it as clear and effective as possible.

This can have a big advantage if the matter is not resolved quickly and you need to take matters further. You are likely to have put down a marker which can be picked up later and put you in a stronger position.

If the matter is quite serious be wary of proceeding ‘informally’ with your employer which usually means a decision is not given and you do not have the right to appeal.

If an incident has occurred also be aware that for most employment claims there is a 3-month time limit. If an employer drags its feet over a grievance and an appeal, that time limit can soon run out. Getting advice early can make a big difference and keep your options open.

For prompt advice about grievances, please contact us for an appointment:

  - Telephone - 01642 475 252

  - Email - Enquiry Form

  - Instant message - click the message/envelope icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen


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