Consumer Law

A book regarding Consumer Law and gavel

Faulty or defective goods? Unsatisfactory performance of a contract or the victim of shoddy workmanship?

As a consumer, you have statutory rights in relation to the goods and services you buy. These are rights laid down in law which says goods must be;

  • As described​
  • Fit for their purpose and of satisfactory quality

And that services should be performed:

  • Within a reasonable time (provided no specific time has been agreed)
  • ​With reasonable care and skill and for a reasonable price (if no charge has been agreed beforehand)

If you have purchased goods or services that don’t comply with one or more of these basic principles then you may be entitled to a legal remedy including a refund, repair, or compensation.

At Askews Solicitors we can advise you of your legal rights, assess how likely you are to win any claim and where necessary liaise with the trader or service provider on your behalf.

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