At your first appointment much of the information we shall require in order to fully advise you will be obvious.

However, the most important information and documents which we will require from you at your first appointment are identified on the following sections for each area of the Law in which we act.

Personal Injury

What You Need:

Your National Insurance number.

Date of the accident.

Name and address of all those involved.

Name and address of any witnesses.

Insurers name, address and policy number (if possible) of those involved.

Injuries and name and address of hospital / GP attended.

Out of pocket expenses.

Employment Law

What You Need:

Any letters, emails or texts from your employer / employee regarding the matter.

Any letters or emails from ACAS.

The contract of employment and employee handbook, if you have one.

Your summary of what has happened, with names and dates, preferably sent by email to us once we have arranged your appointment.

Wage slips/ P60/P45 if you have them.


What You Need:

The full postal address of the property that is being bought or sold.

The name and telephone number of any Estate Agent involved.

The lenders name and account number of any property being sold or if the property is mortgage free the whereabouts of the Title Deeds.

Wills and Probate

What You Need:

For Wills a full list of the names and addresses of potential beneficiaries and a brief outline and indication of the value of your assets.

For the Administration of Estates all of the Deceased’s books and papers relating to their assets, source of income and any liabilities that they may have had.

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