Litigation can involve anything where two or more people are in dispute (and more often than not it’s about money). At Askews Solicitors, we can advise you about your rights and whether you are likely to achieve what you’re looking for. Whether through the courts, in mediation or just through discussion and communications with others, we can help you to sort out your problems. Below are some of the circumstances that we can usually help with:

Personal Injury
Industrial Disease
Clinical Negligence
Consumer Law
Consumer Credit
Debt Recovery
Landlord and Tenant

What Will It Cost?

You may find you are financially eligible to receive legal help or legal aid through the Legal Aid Agency CLS Fund. Public Funding formerly known as ‘Legal Aid’. At Askews Solicitors, we hold a Legal Aid Contract for this type of work, so we can help you with any forms and in obtaining funding that you are entitled to.

If you need to personally pay for some or all of your legal fees, you can talk to us about arranging a sensible payment plan that you can afford. Here at Askews, you’ll have a number of options for example: credit card, standing order or credit agreement.

Generally, you can’t get full government funding (what used to be called ‘Legal Aid’) to pay for your solicitor to help with a general litigation action – although you may be eligible for some limited free advice under the CLS Fund. However there is a chance that you may be able to get help through ‘exceptional case funding’.

It’s also worth checking whether you (your spouse or member of your family living at the same address) have Legal Expenses Insurance included with a Motor or Household Insurance Policy, which you may be able to use to pay for your legal action.

If you have appropriate insurance, then Askews can use it to deal with your claim at no cost to you. Remember, as the policy-holder YOU have the right to choose your own solicitor (although your insurers may want you to use theirs). We can speak directly to your insurance company to sort this out for you.

Regardless of how you are paying, we will be open and upfront about how much things are likely to cost. We’ll give you an initial estimate of costs and will tell you straight away if anything happens to change this estimate. We will always check with you before taking any specific action (such as going to Court) which could significantly affect the amount you may need to pay.

Why Should I Choose Askews?

We make sure that our General Litigation team has the expertise and experience that you need, and then continue to invest in their training and development to make sure that the advice you receive is always up-to-date.

We are the only solicitors on Teesside to have been awarded a Franchise in Debt by the Legal Services Commission and to hold a contract with them to supply advice to the community. Where financially eligible the advice we give you is free of charge under the Legal Services Commission Legal Help Scheme.

We will work hard to resolve your problems as quickly and easily as possible, but rest assured that if you do need to go to court to achieve your aims, you will be advised by experienced Court advocates.

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