The term ‘industrial disease’ is used to describe a condition or illness which has developed after an exposure to a dangerous substance in the workplace or unsafe working conditions.

There are many different types of industrial diseases you can develop after being exposed to hazardous substances or dangerous conditions at work. For example, Asbestosis, Emphysema, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. Mesothelioma, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NID), Occupational Asthma, Work-Related Dermatitis to name but a few.

Claims involving industrial diseases are often a lot more complex to deal with than other types of personal injury claims. The exposure which caused the illness could have occurred a long time ago and expert evidence to prove a link between your illness and your employment will be required.

It is therefore important that you choose an experienced disease lawyer to handle your industrial disease claim.

Please be aware that there are strict time limits imposed in making a claim, and therefore if you feel you are suffering from an industrial disease, it is imperative that you do not delay.

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