Having problems at work or losing your job can be extremely upsetting. Askews Solicitors provide friendly and professional advice to advise you of your rights.

Whatever your problem at work, we will be happy to try and help. Below are some of the things we can usually help with:

Early Action


There are short time limits to make employment tribunal claims. If you suffer discrimination, the time limit will run out within 3 months of the act of discrimination. If there have been separate acts of discrimination, several 3-month time limits may be running one after another.

Likewise, if you are dismissed and put in an appeal, the time limit runs from dismissal and does not stop because of an appeal. Again, some employers will delay the appeal decision until 3 months runs out. In that situation, a claim could be time-barred.

The watchword is to obtain legal advice promptly if you have an employment law problem.

Why Should I Choose Askews?


Askews Solicitors has a well-regarded employment law practice. If you have not used us before there are external testimonials available at Google Reviews

At Askews, we are committed to delivering a personal, friendly service to our clients. Much of our employment work is by recommendation and you can discuss any work-related problem and you will, hopefully, be better placed for having done so.

From writing letters on your behalf to arranging representation at a tribunal, we will always try and assist.

Askews can assist you with advice and documents before you attend an all-important meeting with your employer. We can explain your options and give a confidential second opinion if you are not confident as to where you stand.

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