Coronavirus Precautions – Updated 27th January 2022

Following the lifting of Plan B measures, there have been changes to the Government’s recommendations in respect of precautions to be taken in offices to manage the risks of COVID19. Following those recommendations, so as to protect both you and our staff from the spread of the coronavirus and to avoid the significant disruption which can be caused by a requirement to self-isolate, we would kindly request that you contact us by telephone or email rather than attend the office in person. The vast majority of appointments can be dealt with via telephone, email or other means and we would wish to limit visits to our offices for the foreseeable future. In the rare event that an attendance at the office cannot be avoided, we would ask you please to wear a face covering in light of Government recommendations for enclosed spaces. Please do feel free to drop any documents and paperwork through our letterbox which will be attended throughout the working day. We are working hard to keep the disruption to all clients to a minimum. Your co-operation with this is much appreciated.