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Meeting a Solicitor

At your first appointment much of the information we shall require in order to fully advise you will be obvious.

However, the most important information and documents which we will require from you at your first appointment are identified on the following pages for each area of the Law in which we act.

Man with whiplash or neck injury after car accident

Personal Injury

What you’ll need

Your National Insurance number, the date of the accident and names & addresses of those directly involved are the basic details required to begin your case.

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Two pairs of hands meet across a table

Employment Law

What you’ll need

Items such as your National Insurance number (if an employee), contract of employment and any documents regarding the dispute are vital.

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Hands holding a piggy bank and a model house


What you’ll need

Property address(es), estate agent and lender information are required in your conveyancing matter.

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A family discussing a private client matter with a solicitor

Wills and Probate

What you’ll need

The information is required will vary depending on the type help you require.

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